Thursday, September 5, 2013

Us into Temptation

I can already tell that Russian choir is going to be interesting. The conductor? instructor? in-charge-guy? doesn't speak Russian. Rather, he speaks music. Which is useful, but also today we were singing the Lord's Prayer and we kept repeating the same line over and over. Not that he knew it, but we were singing "us into temptation, us into temptation, us into temptation, us into temptation." Somewhat  sketchier/darker than the intent of the Lord's Prayer, I feel like.

Also, I love teaching. I've only taught two classes so far (as a TA) but I am in love. I can't wait for next week when I get to incorporate Star Trek: The Next Generation into the lesson. (We use some episodes as examples of bioethical dilemmas and ethical schools of thought. It's wonderful.)

And I'm learning tango. Aaaah it's so great. What else? Oh yeah, campus is SO CROWDED compared to the summer. I kind of forgot how it was. You can tell who attended summer term because they mutter things like "we need a plague" as they shove through crowds walking between classes. Not that I would ever say something awful like that. :)

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