Saturday, August 10, 2013


When I got sick, I tried to memorize the lyrics of the song "Xочешь" (pronounced "HO-chesh'" meaning "you want") by Zemfira. It seemed like a reasonable pick because it doesn't have all that many lyrics and a lot of them involve grammar that I'm about to be tested on. Also, the song seemed like a good idea because my brain wasn't computing anything in my textbook.

The day before yesterday, I fell asleep after Trevor left. He brought me movies and gatorade and soup, because he is the best. I chatted with some people on facebook, trying to get entertainment by claiming that I was sick (true) and only funny pictures on the internet could cure me (arguable). And then I fell asleep at 11 p.m., and woke up in an achy fever at 2 a.m.. I tried to fall back asleep, but the fever wouldn't let me, and I had "Xочешь" incessantly stuck in my head.

Even though I was awake from 2-6, during all my hours of contemplation, I completely missed the irony of having "Xочешь" stuck in my head. I mean, come on, it has lyrics like this: "Хочешь, я взорву все звезды что мешают спать?" and "Хочешь, я убью соседей, что мешают спать?" That is, "Do you want me to blow up the stars that interfere with your sleep?" and "Do you want me to kill the neighbors who interfere with your sleep?" No, Zemfira, thanks, that won't be necessary.

So what was I thinking about? I have only to look at the texts I sent my night shift-working friend to tell you. And I quote: "Cats would look weird if they had no eyes don't you think" then, towards dawn, "In Spanish dawn is el alba which means the white, like the white of an egg. Or amanecer but that means sunrise more or morning-ing. I have no idea why I'm going on about this." (It was after I re-read what I'd said about cats that I was like "Look, self, I don't care if you don't want to get up, we are getting up and getting ibuprofen.") After the drugs kicked in I fell asleep and it was great.

The next afternoon, which is to say, yesterday, I went to class because I was done being sick even if my body wasn't. I stepped outside and it was SO. BRIGHT. And so then "Xочешь" started playing in my head again, this time starting with the line "Хочешь cолнце вместо лампы?" ("Do you want the sun instead of a lamp?") Nooooooooo...

But now I'm pretty much almost great. No "Хочешь" and no fever, anyway.

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